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Dr Yugandhar – President New Age Doctors & Healers Association, based in Hyderabad alongwith ex-M.P. Hon. Mr Datta Meghe
and Dr Surendra Dass
( Chairman - Integrated Healing Forum, Nagpur / Agra ) 
at Conference Mission Heal 2010

Dr. Dara Rupa of  Bio-Rhythms, Mumbai demonstrating a device, continuously chanting 45th shloka of Bhaktamar in
Dr Ms Manju Jain’s voice, which can be placed near the patient’s bed


releasing booklet of Mantra-Yantra chart at New Age Doctors and Healers Association-World United with Dr Ms Manju Jain.

Dr R. N. Shukla Head of Bio-energy Field Centre,
MIT, Pune showing pictures of Yantra Chart
at Mission Heal Conference 2010, Nagpur


Ms Manju Jain receving her Ph.D. from Hon. Counsalate Chief of the U.S.S.R. in Mumbai in thedistinguished presence of Hon. Dame
Dr Master Meher-Moos
Hon. Dame Dr Master Meher-Moos releasing the book
“Jaina Method of Curing”

Father-in-law Mr Satishchandra Jain and Mother-in-law
Mrs Mohinimala Jain of Dr Ms Manju Jain - together with Guruji Krishnandaji in their Nagpur home


Guruji Krishnanandaji at the Mediation Centre of
Dr Ms Manju Jain in her Nagpur home.

Guruji Krishnanandaji with his Study Team
Mr Jayant Deshpandeji Ravi Shah Raghvendra Somayaji Seema Alment  and Ms Sunita Deshpande 
at Dr Ms Manju Jain’s residence, 30th  January  2011


The Integrated Healing Forum Team with Mr Chandansingh Rotele, Director of Institute of Social Work
( a chain of Institutes spread thru’out Maharashtra, India )
taking blessings of Guruji Krishnanadaji.

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