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Mantras of the traditional rishis have great power that very few know. Every ailment in the body can be cured by mantras that are to be chanted with regularity and devotion and abundant positive faith in the healing system”.

Dr.Manju’s  way of relating with anyone inspires them to be persons of peace, love and harmony. The book will call all those who read it and reflect  on it – to live in humility, gentleness, patience, bearing up with one another (family wheels).

This collections of 48  Bhaktamar  Stotra  is the  fruit of all the qualities mentioned in it, invested Madam Manju, who is so highly qualified, yet so humble and unassuming.

Tell us about your experience of Bhaktamar on emotional/intelligence stability.  We respect feedback from our valuable users...   Send Your Feedback.

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