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Case Study :      

Research Proposal on effect of Bhaktamar. Bhaktamar is a prayer of devotion in stuti of Lord Aadinath. The promoter (founder) of Jainism – 1st Thirthankar.

How I got inspired to enter such minute field showing great Vastness. In 1875, A professor from Germany came to India learned Sanskrit and translated all 48 Shlokas of Bhaktamar in German language. The Prof. was none other than Renowned Philosopher  Prof. Hermann Jacobi who has contributed 22nd Vol. &  45th Vol. (on Jain Sutras) in MaxMullars ‘Sacred book of East Series’ (1 to 50 vols.).

This German Philosopher’s work triggered my mind that when a foreigner can came to India, learn our language and translate our literature in his language,  WHY NOT ME?  Being an Indian and a Jain.

Prof. Hermann Jacobi’s work inspired me and I got this whole system translated in French language by Prof. O.P. Verma, Head of linguistic department and retired head of History and culture. Prof. O.P. Verma spent 3 years translating the Stotras, Mantra, Ridhi Mantra and Evidential Stories in French language. He informed that an inner transformation took place in him during this translation work.

Since my childhood whenever anybody would wall sick or in times of any danger my mother would chant this Shloka and his health recovered and things will take shape in proper order. After completing  my M.B.A., C.S. and Lead Accessor Course, something pulled me to take up this research in scientific manner. I started going to Hospice with the holy water of this Mantra & 45th Shloka. A cure for  Incurable Disease as stated in Bhaktamar to test the truthfulness behind the Verse.

The following are the cases taken up for study and amazing results have been endorsed by well known Doctors in this field. After experimenting in Hospice which says “We cannot cure you but only can take care of you” the life of these terminally ill cancer patients got an extension period in life otherwise within a week patient would pass away – as shown by records of Snehachal – A Palliative Care Centre, Medical Square, Nagpur.

The recovery of these hopeless cases as told by Doctors through their experience, brought a confidence  in me about the systems effectiveness. Seeing the results,  the Administrator of Hospice introduced me to Central India Cancer Institute.  I started working with well known Oncologist Dr. Ajay Mehta.   Dr. Ajay Mehta is a very fine surgeon and his Research Development  is a very strong assisted by Belzium and his word is final an any drug, whether millions of dollars go waste on a drug.

  ....Specific Case Studies
....Know more
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