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About us :

Dr. Mrs Manju Jain is a Spiritual Healer working on the Jaina Method of Curing. Her spiritual healing revolves around the philosophy, “Where faith in God is an Essential element”. Her spiritual inclination and immense faith in her spiritual healing has cured incurable diseases - defying logic &  science. Even doctors have endorsed her unique style of spiritual healing and the miraculous results obtained - reducing the sufferings of her innumerable patients. She  has worked on cancer, psoriasis, kidney failure, tuberculosis, skin problems and many more - successfully. She has given surprising results on a patient  suffering from deflection in spinal cord - thus  avoiding surgery on his spinal cord. In another case, the patient suffering from throat cancer who had lost  his voice - got his voice restored - due to the intense spiritual healing process of Dr. Mrs Manju Jain. She attributes these phenomenal recovery - not to any magic, but, to the immense healing powers in the 48  shlokas /mantras of Bhaktamar Stotra.

Dr Mrs Manju Jain is a managing Trustee of the Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists ( IFSS ), based in Bangalore. She is the Vice President of Integrated Healing Forum, Nagpur. She is associated with various spiritual Organisations and spiritually inclined persons. She has attended and addressed innumerable Conferences on Spirituality and related areas in India and abroad. She has written and compiled books like : Saadhak - A Journey of Divine Image - both in English and in French language; Jainism and its Antiquity; Mantra cards in English, French  and in Hindi - based on Bhaktamar Stotra, and others. She has produced Documentary Movie on “A Tale of Jain Saint” and animated movie on Acharya Maantunga, the creator of Bhaktamar Stotra.  She derives her energy, inspiration and enthusiasm from Bhaktamar Stotra and the Jain Philosophy of Life, Living and Curing. She is a noble soul - who has always done - Spiritual Healing and everything that she does - with a missionary zeal; in a selfless manner - to its utmost purity and perfection.  

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